Snigdha Banerjee, PhD

Cancer Research Unit, V.A. Medical Center, Research Division, Kansas City, Kansas, United States

Dr. Snigdha Banerjee is an Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine at University of Kansas Medical School and Research Scientist at Kansas City VA Medical Center. Dr. Banerjee’s research interest is on the role of stem cells in the development of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. Dr. Banerjee has discovered Cyr61/CCN1, a matricellular secreted protein and a member of the CCN family of growth factor, plays a critical role in the genesis and resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs of pancreatic cancer. CCN1 can provide a new treatment option for patients with pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Banerjee is also interested on the role of new blood vessel formation/angiogenesis in human solid cancers. The main interest is to uncover how tumor cell generated signals enhance abnormal blood vessel formation in tumor microenvironments.