Han Liang, MD

Director of Gastric Cancer Surgical Department, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital, National Clinical Research Center for Cancer, Tianjin, China

As an Oncological surgeon for gastric cancer, Dr. Liang has been worked for 30 years. His main research interests are surgical treatment for gastric cancer and GIST, D2 and D2+ lymphadenectomy for local advanced gastric cancer, intraperitoneal chemotherapy, intraperitoneal hyperthermia for local advanced gastric cancer and reconstruction after gastrectomy. He has also studied methylation of CpG islands/BCL6B pathway in gastric cancer.

Dr. Liang has had more than 300 peer reviewed publications in various journals both in Chinese and in English including JCO, PNAS, Clin Cancer Res, Surgery, J Am Coll Surg, Ann Surg Oncol, Oncotarget, Ann Surg, Am Surg, Am J Cancer Res, Am J Surg, Gastric Cancer, Open Biology, Plos One, WJG, Tumor Biol, J Cancer Res Clin Oncol, BMC Surgery, Int J Surg, Int J Clin Exp Med, Biomarkers, Clin Transl Oncol, EJSO, Langenbacks Arch Surg.