Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Prof. Jia-fu Ji, MD, FACS

Dr. Prof. Jia-fu Ji, MD, FACS, received his master degree from Beijing Medical University (now the Peking University Health Science Center) in 1990.

Dr. Ji is the current director of Peking University School of Oncology & Beijing Cancer Hospital, and head of the Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery. He is the chief expert of Gastric Cancer Collaborative Group of China and the director of the Gastric Cancer Research Program under the Chinese Ministry of Education-sponsored Key Laboratory of Carcinogenesis and Translational Research. He is the head of the Surgery Teaching and Research Section and a supervisor for doctoral candidates in Peking University. He also serves as the chairman of the Gastric Cancer Association of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, director of International Cooperation Department of China Medical Association (CMA), vice chairman of Gastrointestinal Committee of CMA, vice chairman of Expert Committee of Nutritional Therapy for Cancer, member of Biobank Branch, China Medicinal Biotechnology Association, and chairman of Tumor Examination Committee of Cross-straits Medicine Exchange Association. He is a member of American College of Surgeons (ACS), Asian Surgical Association (ASA), academic committee of International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists (IASGO), International Gastric Cancer Association (IGCA), and European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN). He is a guest professor of surgery of the IASGO Academy in Europe.

Dr. Ji has been the member of the editorial boards of Digestive Surgery, Annals of Surgery (Chinese edition), National Medical Journal of China, Chinese Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Chinese Journal of Practical Surgery and many other Chinese and international academic journals.

Dr. Ji, a well-known expert in gastrointestinal oncological surgery in China, has actively been involved in the standardization of surgical procedures and the development and application of neo-adjuvant chemotherapy for gastric cancer. Dr Ji’s current research focuses on the integrated treatment of gastric cancer and its molecular mechanisms. He is the leading researcher of many domestic and international clinical trials including Capecitabine and Oxaliplatin Adjuvant Study in Stomach Cancer (CLASSIC), Multicenter Asia Study in Adjuvant Treatment of Colon Cancer with OxaliplaTin/5FU-LV (MASCOT), and Adjuvant Colon Cancer w/ ELOXatin®/5 FU Based Regimen (ACCELOX). Up to now he has led and/or participated in 26 clinical and basic scientific research projects including 3 international projects, 9 state-level projects, and 4 sub-state-level projects. He has undertaken many key research projects sponsored by National Key Technology Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China during the eleventh and twelfth "Five-Year" plan, National "863" Program, National Natural Science Foundation project, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Committee key projects, and Peking University Human Disease Genetic Research Center projects. He carried out research on gene expression profiling of gastric cancer under the cooperation with Stanford University, during which he successfully established and optimized a tumor tissue repository through the standardized collection and management of specimens.

Dr. Ji has published more than 100 articles in Chinese and international journals, with a sum of impact factors reaching 130.7. He has authored, co-authored, or translated eight books. He has trained over 40 masters, doctors, and post-doctoral fellows.

Dr. Ji has been the recipient of Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Progress Award (Third Class), Ministry of Science and Technology Excellent Academic Article Award, Beijing Federation of Trade Unions Technical Innovation Pacesetter, and CSCO Advanced Worker.