Vol 1, No 1 (April 22, 2012): Translational Gastrointestinal Cancer

Original Article

The clinical and biological implications of N-WASP expression in human colorectal cancer
Tracey A. Martin, Ann-Marie Toms, Leigh Mansel Davies, Shan Cheng, Wen G. Jiang

Review Article

Targeted therapy of obesity-associated colon cancer
Jiezhong Chen
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of hepatic fibrogenesis leading to liver cancer
Samuele De Minicis, Marco Marzioni, Stefania Saccomanno, Chiara Rychlicki, Laura Agostinelli, Luciano Trozzi, Antonio Benedetti, Gianluca Svegliati-Baroni
Cholangiocarcinoma: Epidemiology and risk factors
Maria Consiglia Bragazzi, Vincenzo Cardinale, Guido Carpino, Rosanna Venere, Rossella Semeraro, Raffaele Gentile, Eugenio Gaudio, Domenico Alvaro
Cells of origin and cancer stem cells in cholangiocarcinoma
Guido Carpino, Vincenzo Cardinale, Lola Reid, Domenico Alvaro, Eugenio Gaudio
Cholangiocarcinoma pathogenesis: Role of the tumor microenvironment
Dinorah Leyva-Illades, Matthew McMillin, Matthew Quinn, Sharon DeMorrow
Mechanisms for nicotine in the development and progression of gastrointestinal cancers
Kendal Jensen, Syeda Afroze, Md Kamruzzaman Munshi, Micheleine Guerrier, Shannon S. Glaser
Interleukin-6 and its receptor, key players in hepatobiliary inflammation and cancer
Christopher Johnson, Yuyan Han, Nathan Hughart, Jennifer McCarra, Gianfranco Alpini, Fanyin Meng
VEGF and cholangiocarcinoma: Feeding the tumor
Jennifer Cherry-Bohannan, Kimberly Baker, Heather Francis